Our mission statement

With its natural premium spring water, Wildalpen intends to play a leading role in the national and international focus markets (quality niches) and to successfully occupy these in its strategic business segments. 

Wildalpen focuses the activities in its strategic business areas and hence any activities in the organizational business areas on a unique water quality of the natural pure premium spring water, an innovation performance in the sector of nature-oriented enrichments, a creative marketing and a high quality standard in order to succeed in serving health-conscious and health-oriented customers and to establish the high-quality and high-priced brand in this customer segment: à 5-star nature!

The focus of our efforts is the human being. On the one hand the company is thriving and growing through its employees and on the other hand the key to our success is in the hands of our satisfied and enthusiastic customers (consumers). For this reason we take social and entrepreneurial responsibility very seriously and act with confidence, respect, reliability, honesty and open communication.

Searching for perfection, we develop passion for outstanding quality and the love of nature in the sense of a long-term build-up of values and sustainability. We act with professional competence, innovation as well as flexibility and handle our resources in a responsible way. 

Wildalpen is an extraordinary provider of premium spring water which takes up particular market position due to its pure (ph-neutral) water quality, its ingredients and its purity. 

Wildalp originates from the heart of the Styrian Alps. A unique water protection area guarantees the naturalness of the region and the purity of the water.  

Wildalp addresses the health-conscious, nature-oriented and quality-conscious consumer who is due to his high demands prepared to pay an appropriate price for quality.

The consumer expects from that a better organic compatibility and a healthy, natural  fluid supply which goes beyond the basic “drinking“ need.