The origin of WILDALP quality

The Hochschwab massif is the origin of our pure spring water. The impressive mountain group in the Styrian Alps stretches over 590 km² and 100 mountain peaks. The highest peak is the Hochschwab of the same name at 2,277 m above sea level. Here you can breathe in fresh air at every turn, admire rare Alpine flowers and experience chamois up close – a place far away from industry and mass tourism!

The municipality of Wildalpen is the centre of the spring water and at the same time where the WILDALP water name comes from. The water manufactory, as WILDALP likes to be called here, is located in the village of Wildalpen, nestled between rocky slopes and the bluish shimmering, crystal-clear Salza River.

White water fans enjoy the untouched flora and fauna along the Salza here. The natural jewel of the Styrian limestone Alps has even been declared a nature reserve and is one of the largest in Austria with 51,460 hectares.

Inspired by this naturalness, we want to share the feeling of freshness and its untouched nature with the world. Which is why we have been using untreated spring water from the Seisenstein spring, one of the finest of the Hochschwab’s springs, since the very beginning. In order to preserve the purity of this spring water, the water is filled into the bottle directly at the spring and thus retains its origin, its natural energy and the special character it has developed during its long journey. So that it arrives in your home fresh, as if sprung from the spring.


This is premium quality from the heart of the Styrian Alps! A quality that can be experienced anew every day!

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Originating from intact nature, it is uniquely balanced in terms of minerals, has a high natural oxygen content, low sodium content and is therefore the epitome of a refreshing and natural spring water.