A healthy diet should begin at an early age and accompany people throughout their lives.

We should drink approx. 1.5 litres of water daily for our well-being and health. The sooner we learn that the regular consumption of water is important for us and our bodies, the more natural it becomes to drink water as an integral part of our daily lives.

WILDALP JUNIOR teaches your child that water is a wonderful thirst quencher: open, enjoy, close – the new drinking cap not only makes drinking child’s play, but is also child-friendly and meets the highest standards of hygiene and safety.

Extremely low in sodium

No nitrates, with natural oxygen content and low sodium content, the water is ideal for your baby’s needs.

Natural spring water

The water is bottled directly from the spring in the Hochschwab mountains’ water protection zone in the heart of the Styrian Alps.

Strictly controlled

Intact nature, the filtering through the limestone as well as permanent strict controls guarantee consistently top quality.

Please allow us to present – the WILDALP family.

Originating from intact nature, it is uniquely balanced in terms of minerals, has a high natural oxygen content, low sodium content and is therefore the epitome of a refreshing and natural spring water.

The premium quality is based on the purity of the WILDALP spring.

As karst waters, our water makes its way through underground watercourses and layers of terrain untouched by human hand and is naturally filtered through various rock layers in the limestone Alps.

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Not all water is the same!

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