It’s hard to believe, but it’s true: there’s nothing inside this bottle but nature! Plastic? – Sorry, no! That’s because it consists of 100% natural plastic (PLA), which is produced from plants and lactic acid, making it both recyclable and compostable (according to DIN 13432).

And the contents are also nature at its most pure! We don’t use any additives or other gimmicks. After all, all we need is our naturally-refreshing and pure WILDALP spring water.

It is now in the hands of all of us whether we will continue to have access to clean drinking water in the future. So grab it! WILDALP NOT PLASTIC spring water is the sustainable and plastic-free alternative with which you do something good for yourself and nature!

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Made from natural and renewable raw materials (plants or lactic acid).


Guaranteed free of petroleum and plasticizers. So every sip is a sustainable pleasure.


The natural plastic is biodegradable, decomposing into a biogenic mass.

Curious about how this bottle composts?

photo credit: © NaKu e.U. www.naku.at

Good for you and the environment

Water is the basis for all life. But various forms of pollution, especially microplastics, are inflitrating and
threatening the natural water cycle. It‘s up to us to make sure we still have clean drinking water in the

So take action! WILDALP NOT PLASTIC spring water is the sustainable and plastic-free alternative that allows you to do something good for your body and for nature!

The premium quality is based on the purity of the WILDALP spring.

As karst waters, our water makes its way through underground watercourses and layers of terrain untouched by human hand and is naturally filtered through various rock layers in the limestone Alps.

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Not all water is the same!

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